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Our services can help you in setting up your business in the UAE, while ensuring compliance with the country's laws and regulations. UAE's stable political and economic environment is crucial for the growth and development of any region or country. The UAE government has implemented business-friendly policies, and UAE has a professional approach to its banking systems and industrial relations. UAE's open and free economy attracts significant investments, while world-class infrastructure in fields like telecommunications, energy, aviation, and transport make it a preferred investment destination. UAE's proactive policymaking and focus on infrastructure development have helped establish its reputation as a reliable business hub. Our team can guide you on the available options and help you choose the best fit for your business requirements. The emirate of UAE has experienced growth due to its diverse expatriate population. Setting up a business in UAE is a straightforward process that can be completed quickly. The documentation process can be completed within a week once approvals have been obtained. Creative Business Solutions offers professional assistance in meeting the necessary requirements to set up a business in UAE. Let us now explore the crucial steps involved in establishing a business in UAE.

One of the major requirements to start mainland company in UAE is finding a Sponsor. The sponsor must be a UAE national. The sponsor has a dual role of being your company’s service agent and at the same time sleeping partner.

  • The investor needs to pay a yearly sponsor fee. The sponsor’s role or responsibility linked to your business should be defined and signed via an agreement
  • The Sponsor issues a “No Objection certificate” and this is mandatory for the investor to start the operations.
The next step is to formulate your company’s Memorandum of Association. The MOA is nothing but a list of operational guidelines that your company should follow. The company must strictly abide by these guidelines regarding:
  • Company purpose
  •  Investment of capital
  •  Share
The Department of Economic Development (DED) should notarize the MOA. Once the MOA gets notarized you get the initial approval. You may avail the services of a consultant or a lawyer for MOA notarization.
Now you may find an appropriate Trade name for your company. The next step is to get your trade name registered under DED. The name should be distinctive and significant enough to get the approval. DED has the full right to discard your trade name if it has already been selected by another company.
An office space or registered address is compulsory for mainland company formation. Address of the Registered Agent can be provided for Offshore Company formation purposes.
After filing the Trade License application, the DED issues the license based on your business endeavour. There are various types of trade licenses like Professional License, Industrial License, Commercial License and Tourism License.
The license fee can be remitted at the Commercial Registration Department and DED after final submission of the documents. 7 days or a week is sufficient enough to complete the entire company registration process.

The instructions mentioned above give a very basic idea about how to set up your business in UAE. If you are new to business set up or a new investor planning to invest in UAE, it is advisable to entrust the company registration tasks to a reliable and experienced consultant. Business Set up Services can save you precious time and energy in this regard. We undertake company registration, Accounting, Sponsor services and all other formalities with utmost sincerity and responsibility. Over the years we have served small, medium and large business establishments to secure a foothold in UAE and UAE market.
Any queries or doubts regarding Company formation, feel free to contact Us business setup consultant ASAP.

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