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For investors and businesses looking to invest in the UAE, mainland company formation can be a profitable investment opportunity. Mainland companies are allowed to operate within commercialized geographic regions under Emirati jurisdiction. Any business entity registered under the Dubai Economic Department (DED) as a commercial, professional, or sole establishment is considered a UAE Mainland License. Having a UAE mainland license provides businesses with the freedom and flexibility to expand and operate with minimal restrictions. However, there are government policies and regulations in place that govern the operation of mainland companies in the UAE. One such policy is related to the equity share of the company. In June 2021, the UAE government implemented reforms to the Commercial Companies Law that will significantly impact the future of business in the country. One of the most significant changes is the allowance for 100% foreign ownership for businesses located on the mainland. Previously, foreign business owners were only permitted to own up to 49% of their business, with the remaining 51% share belonging to an Emirati sponsor. Now, foreigners can establish a company in the UAE without the need for an Emirati shareholder or agent. Setting up a mainland company in the UAE provides businesses with the flexibility to expand across the country. To operate any business activity in the UAE, a license in one of the categories: commercial, industrial, or professional, is necessary. Creative Business Solutions Setup Services LLC offers business consultation to obtain a UAE mainland license and establish your business in high-demand locations throughout the UAE. We provide cost-effective solutions to obtain a mainland license in the UAE that complies with the UAE Economic Department. Contact us to learn more about this service.

Prerequisites to start a mainland business in UAE

In order to set up a mainland company in UAE, an investor should either acquire a professional license or a commercial license.
Words like UAE, UAE and other words that carry religious implications must be avoided.
The physical presence of the investor or the shareholder in the UAE is mandatory at the time of initial approval.
  • Benefit of office space – Mainland business can be accomplished anywhere in the country. Both freezone and offshore business entities are required to operate from certain geographical locations.
  • Do business anywhere in UAE – You may carry out the business endeavour anywhere in the UAE and there are no restrictions of any kind.
  • Favourable geographical location – UAE or UAE serves as the gateway to the middle east. And hence there is scope for business diversification in the other GCC countries.
  • Corporate tax exemption – Mainland companies can enjoy the benefit of corporate tax exemptions. In many countries, foreign investors are required to pay a considerable amount of money in the name of corporate tax.
Generally, four major licenses are issued for businesses operating in the UAE mainland. The licenses are issued based on the business endeavor and they are:
  • Professional License – License issued for firms that undertake service-oriented endeavors. Professional License are required for professionals who take part in any professional activity like consulting. Compared to other licenses the cost involved in the issuance of a professional license is less.
  • Commercial License – License issued for those business establishments that undertake buying and selling of goods or services or simply trading. Most traders opt for the general trading license in order to conduct more than one trading endeavour with a single license. Commercial licenses are very common in UAE and the UAE mainland. The entire formalities connected with Professional License like issuance, amendment, cancellation can be accomplished easily.
  • Industrial License – License issued for firms that are involved in the manufacture of goods like factories, industries etc. When it comes to Industrial License, you may need to seek the approval of External Ministries and government departments depending upon the type of industrial activity.
  • Tourism Licence – All tourism related activities require a valid Tourism License. The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing DTCM has a major role in the issuance of Tourism licenses. A valid Tourism license is mandatory to conduct inbound and outbound tour related activities.
Step by step instructions for mainland company formation in UAE:
Memorandum of Association (MOA) – Get ready with the MOA that clearly indicates the operational guidelines of your company like the purpose, capital involved, share details etc.
Obtain Initial Approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED) – DED performs the notarization of MOA and then issues the Initial approval. You may contact a business consultant to get this formality done.
Trade name registration – Find an appropriate trade name for your business and get it registered with DED. DED has the right to alter or discard the trade name if it has already been selected by another company.
Office space requirement – An office space is mandatory to set up any mainland business in UAE or UAE. A registered office address is required for the issuance of a trade license. Information regarding ownership agreement or tenancy can be produced as evidence of a registered address.
Apply for the license – If all the above-mentioned prerequisites are satisfied, you may apply for a trade license. DED is the agency that issues the mainland license in UAE, UAE.
Pay the license fee – Submit all the relevant documents connected with company incorporation to the Commercial registration department and DED and pay the required license fee.
Get your license – Get your trade license from the DED. The company registration procedures shall be accomplished in a week if all the formalities are through.
If you are new to UAE or UAE and have doubts regarding company incorporation and license issuance, it is advisable to entrust the job to an experienced business consultant. Services can assist you through the entire tasks associated with mainland business formation in UAE and UAE.
Our advisors and consultants are always ready to help you.
Mainland business setup has the advantage of selecting a wide range of locations. The most preferred business set up jurisdictions in UAE are listed below.

Business Bay – Business Bay is a business hub ideal for service and hospitality sector business concerns. From small shops to big MNCs, Business Bay is an ideal location for a variety of business establishments. The region is located between UAE Creek and Sheikh Zayed road.
Deira – Deira is one of the oldest parts of UAE. Located in UAE north, Deira shares the border with Sharjah and is an ideal location for establishing small shops and medium enterprises.
Al Quoz – Al Quoz is located in the South-west region of UAE. The region is basically an industrial area. Both the Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road run parallel to each other on either side of Al Quoz in the north-south direction. As an industrial area, Al Quoz is a preferred destination for setting up warehouses, industrial concerns and other related business activities.
Al Qusais – Located close to UAE International Airport, Al Qusais is another well-known industrial area. The region has well-equipped residential complexes too. Al Qusais belongs to the suburbs of UAE. Al Qusais is ideal for setting up commercial establishments, educational concerns, etc.
Jumeirah – Located in the west-coast, Jumeirah has a lot to offer for the real estate and tourism sectors. The resorts and restaurants in the region attract tourists from all over the world.

Trade licenses in UAE/UAE are classified based on the type of business. And a valid license is the major prerequisite to start a business
Investors need to apply for a mandatory license to start a business in UAE. The licenses vary with the type of Business and the region of etc..
The superior and wide-spread logistics and infrastructure of UAE facilitate industrial growth. Being a trading hub that connects the east to etc.
A valid Tourism License is required for the companies and establishments that operate in the travel and tourism sector of UAE and UAE. etc
E trader license is meant for home-based individuals or entrepreneurs who sell products and services via social media platforms like etc.

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